Important Topics

The technical deliberation at the conference will cover the whole spectrum, from geological exploration/ extraction of limestone to who manufacture and utilization of cement and building materials with focus on latest innovation in technology. The areas needing special attention in the present context have been identified as follows:

Raw Material Resources Management

  • Cement raw materials- challenges ahead
  • Advances in limestone deposit exploration, evaluation and exploitation
  • State-of-the-art mining equipment and practices
  • Maintenance of heavy Earth moving and mining equipment
  • Production planning in mines for optimal utilization of resources
  • Utilization of low graded limestone/ dolomitic limestone
  • Upgrading of limestone and mines reject for cement manufacture
  • Mining waste management and utilization
  • Resource Optimization and sensitivity analysis
  • Mining Habitat and sustainable development
  • Safety and health practices in limestone mining

Energy Conservation Systems

  • Energy efficient Technologies and operation
  • Energy Audit and Management
  • Advances in combustion systems
  • New and renewable resources of energy
  • Waste heat recovery and co-generation of power
  • Role of regulatory provision in energy conservation
  • Energy efficient building and structures

Alternate/ Waste Fuels and Raw Material

  • Use of alternative fuels including MSW, WDF, bio-fuels etc
  • Use of low grade fuels
  • Co-Processing of hazardous waste in cement kiln
  • Alternate raw materials including industrial wastes/ by products
  • Logistics and transportation issues
  • Health and safety aspects

Cement Plant Machinery and Project Engineering

  • Optimum plant design
  • Advances in cement plant machinery
  • Packaging handling and transportation of cement including bulk systems
  • Technology upgradation / modernization /debottlenecking / re-engineering
  • Financial restructuring and plant rejuvenation
  • Ultra high capacity cement kiln and mill systems

Productivity Enhancement and Process Optimization

  • Total productivity enhancement and cost reduction techniques
  • Optimization of plant operations and troubleshooting
  • Refractory engineering practices and recent advances
  • Condition monitoring techniques
  • Technical audit, plant maintenance and benchmarking
  • Advances in instrumentation and process automation
  • Supply chain management

Portland Blended and Special Cement

  • Advances in cement chemistry
  • Optimization of raw mix design
  • Use of mineralizers, fluxes and activators
  • Low energy, low carbon and Special Systems
  • Hydration studies of cementitious systems
  • Mineral admixtures
  • Binary and ternary blended cements
  • Composite and Portland limestone cements
  • Calcined clay based cements
  • Green cement/ Eco-cement

Performance and Durability of Concrete

  • Concrete of low permeability / high electrical resistivity
  • Use of stainless steel and composite reinforcement
  • High strength concrete, High performance concrete, Ultra-high strength concrete
  • Improvement of performance by use of fiber reinforcement in concrete
  • Durability of concrete in aggressive environment
  • Chemical admixtures, Corrosion inhibitors and Coatings
  • Additions for enhancement durability of concrete-Blast furnace slag ,fly ash, silica fume, metakaolin and other
  • Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs) or Pozzolanas .

Performance-based Design of Concrete Structure

  • Planning for durability and Performance based design
  • Structural design using high strength / ultra-high strength concrete
  • Structural design using fibers / fiber composites reinforced concrete
  • Service life design (prediction) / residual life assessment

Concrete Deterioration Mechanisms and Reinforcement Corrosion

  • Chloride ingress and chloride induced corrosion
  • Carbonation and carbonation induction corrosion
  • Initiation and propagation of corrosion of steel rebars
  • Alkali aggregate reactions
  • Sulphate attack (formation of Ettringite,Thaumasite, Gypsum etc.
  • Delayed Ettringite formation
  • Freeze / thaw attack
  • Effect of cracks

Distress Investigation, Repair/Strengthening/Retrofitting of Concerete Structures

  • Non-destructive testing of concrete
  • Repair Systems
  • Applications of membrane & coatings
  • Chloride removal techniques
  • Re-alkalization techniques
  • Cathodic protection of steel reinforcement
  • Use of fiber wrapping
  • Water proofing
  • Seismic retrofitting
  • External pre-stressing

Sustainable Construction Practices and Use of Alternate Aggregates & Geopolymer Concrete

  • Construction project management
  • Construction practices with respect to speed economy and quality
  • Ready mixed concrete
  • Self-compacting concrete, concrete rheology and pumpability
  • Special concretes such as previous concrete, plastic concrete and controlled low strength concrete
  • Geopolymer Concrete-production, use and design aspects
  • Quality control, quality assurance and technical audit of concrete construction
  • Use of C&D waste, fly ash, slags and bottom ash as aggregate
  • Use of other waste-based materials, sintered and manufactured aggregates, fly ash bricks
  • Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)
  • Concrete pavements
  • Newer construction technologies
  • Precast concrete technology
  • High volume fly ash concrete (HVFAC)

Other Building Material and Binders

  • Lime, fly ash, clay and gypsum waste materials
  • Waste based binders / cementitious materials

Marketing and Consumer Protection

  • Marketing research and analysis
  • Innovation marketing practices
  • National and International Standards
  • HRD needs and support system for cement and construction industries
  • New training tools
  • Skill upgradation

Environmental Management Sustainable Development and Safety

  • Environmental improvement through modern technologies in cement and construction industries
  • Sustainable development initiatives
  • Role of regulatory provisions for environment improvement and sustainable development
  • Leaching of heavy metals in cement and concrete systems
  • NO2 SO2 control- Primary and Secondary Measures
  • Dust control measures
  • Climate change implications and initiatives by cement and construction industries
  • Life cycle assessment in cement manufacture
  • Carbon footprint
  • Water footprint
  • EIA/EMP studies in cement and construction sectors
  • Rehabilitation of limestone mines
  • Voluntary environmental initiatives
  • Safety, Health and Environment

Latest Innovative Trends

  • Geopolymer binders
  • Nano technology application in cement and concrete
  • Energy efficient materials
  • Expanding the horizon of cement use
  • Use of Drones for assessment of concrete structures
  • 3D printing of concrete structures material at sector
  • Use of Polymers and resins with cementitious systems
  • Technology trends and forecasts
  • Green technologies and practices for sustainable growth
  • CO2, capture & resuse initiatives
  • Nobel chemicals admixtures
  • Advanced analytical techniques

Total Quality Management

  • Quality management system
  • Integrated management system (9000 14001 18001)
  • Quality control and quality assurance in manufacture and utility of element.
  • Advance in laboratory automation
  • Development of Certified Reference Material(CRMs)
  • Statistical quality control / Statistical process control
  • Advances in testing and calibration methods
  • Proficiency testing and inter laboratory comparison
  • TQM tools & techniques
  • Benchmarking of quality parameters
  • Sustainable excellence through quality control & quality system
  • Quality Infrastructure (QI) and its importance

Discussions covering technical paper on the above area will be classified and spread over various technical sessions. Authors of the papers selected for presentation will be requested to briefly present the salient features of their papers. These will be followed by discussion from the floor.

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